Functional Features - Core Banking Solution in India by Abaris Softech Inc.

Core Banking

Description: Features

          1. Current Account & Saving Accounts

          2. Cash Credit/Over Draft

          3. Signature & Photo Scan

          4. Time Deposits
               a). Fixed/Recurring/Daily/Sweep Deposits
               b). Monthly/Quarterly/Half Yearly - Interest Payout Deposits

          5. Term Loans
               a). Housing/Staff/Vehicle/Education/Gold/Shares/HP
               b). Delinquent Account Management
               c). Others(Reports & Advices & Statement)

          6. Clearing
               a). Inward/Outward Clearing
               b). ECS Clearing

          7. Treasury Operations

          8. Inter Bank/Branch Reconciliation

          9. Reports, Advices & Printing programs

         10. Local Regulatory Reports

         11. Foreign Trade Finance

         12. EChannel Integrator- ATM, Mobile, Tele Banking, Internet Banking, Kiosk

         13. Additional Modules
              a). Pay Order / Demand Draft(Issue/Payment)
              b). Other Bank Demand Draft Issue
              c). Inward/Outward Bills/BG/LC
              d). Sundry Payables and Receivables
              e). Lockers

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