Abaris Core Banking Solution (CBS) - Lending Management Solution: India

Lending Management

Abaris Core Banking Solution - Lending Management Solution provides a modular yet integrated solution based on a Service Oriented Architecture, SOA, approach to suit the needs of lending organisations. With enriched functionalities like remote and offline capabilities as well as open interface capability, the solution can meets the needs of conventional banks and other non-banking financial organizations, the NBFCs.

An end-to-end lending management solution with following modules:

Loan Origination
           1. Campaign Management
           2. Lead Management
           3. Opportunity management
           4. Appraisal Management
           5. Approval & sanctions
Loan Management
           1. Set up different types of loan products with different parameters - interest, repayment, tenure, charges, etc
           2. Complete middle & back office functionality - cash flow management, compliance monitoring, accounting, MIS reporting, etc.
Collateral Management
           1. Captures different collateral types and applicability to the loan
           2. Flexible revaluation parameters for the collateral
           3. Interface with external feeds for the value of the collateral
           4. Electronic storage of collateral documentation for future retrieval and linkage of these documents to the loan facility.
           5. Reminder and intimation setup for revaluation of collateral
Collection & Recovery Management
           1. Set up and maintain different queues of customers based on user pre-defined rules (Defaulter Queue, Allocated Queue)
           2. Alert Management
           3. NPA Management
           4. Legal Management
           5. Recovery Management
Comprehensive Reporting
Comprehensive and ready to use set of MIS reports module covering every aspect of solution functionality and audit trail of transactions. The solution can also be interfaced with third party report writing for generating ad-hoc reports to meet any type of reporting requirements. Some of the standard reports generated are:
           1. Ageing Reports
           2. Amortization report
           3. Industry Exposure summaries
           4. Detailed and Summarized Asset Sales Report
           5. Detailed and Summarized Counter / Dealer Sales Report
           6. Daily Sales Report
           7. Date to Year Sales Report
           8. Exceptions, Collateral, Deals Generic Reports
           9. Contracts, Acceptance, Standing Order, Acceptance Forms


          1. Build customer loyalty
         The solution's modular design enables your organisation to provide specialist services tuned to your customers' needs. Specific features like customer oriented pricing, reporting and adding new product will enable you nurture existing relationships with customers.
          2. Faster customer turnaround time
              Increased operational efficiency due to centralized end-to-end automation of operations & workflow leads to substantial reduction in processing time & cost and faster customer turnaround time.
          3. Seamless integration with other banking system
              The solution's open interface capability allows it to seamlessly integrate with any third-party system. This helps you maximizes your investment on existing systems by eliminating or reducing the total cost on replacement of the system.
          4. Security & Privacy of the customers
              Protection of customers' data is of high importance to any organisation. The solution's advanced techniques of tracking user activity and application monitoring for intrusions and unauthenticated use allows the customer to be rest assured that his financial data is safe.

Value Proposition

Abaris Core Banking Solution (CBS) - Lending Management Solution: India

          1. Multi Currency GL & PL
          2. Multiple language support
          3. Real time Transaction Processing
          4. Multi-Company / Entity Support
          5. Multi Channel Interfaces
          6. Underwriting capabilities
          7. Provision for offline processing
          8. Flexible product definition parameters
          9. Local & Global Instruments
         10. Regulatory Compliance
         11. Global Accounting Standards
         12. 24 x 7 availability

Technical Features

          1. Customisable User-friendly J2EE Front-ends
          2. Web-services enabled functionality
          3. Content delivery in XML, custom formats
          4. Extensible workflow engine
          5. Highly Scalable application
          6. Interfaces to multiple - delivery channels- PDA, SMS, Mobile Banking
          7. OS & platform independent
          8. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox browsers compatible

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