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Abaris Enterprise Resource planning benefits the SME by making the various functions of a company like purchase, inventory, services, marketing, accounts etc.centralized and automated. It streamlines the overall operation of the company, making it systematic and error-free. Secura brings your entire business at your fingertips, ensuring better control and progression in the right direction.



          1. Productivity: Streamlined business processes will allow your employees to accomplish more in less time.
          2. Labor Costs: Automating certain applications will reduce the number of people required to support your business.
          3. Financial Performance: More accurate financial reporting will speed receivables or give you a more accurate picture of your short & long-term balance sheet.
          4. Inventory Management: Keeping a closer eye on inventory will speed inventory turns and reduce the amount you must spend on slow-moving products.
          5. Pricing: Real-time financial reporting will give you a clearer picture of your overall costs and help you improve margins on your products or services.
          6. Customer Revenue: By using CRM to recognize customer needs, you can increase revenue per customer, or reduce customer turnover rates.
          7. Technology Maintenance and Support: Less money will need to be spent on maintaining out-of-date legacy systems and improving your bottom line.
          8. Process Improvements: You will be able to eliminate certain costs through automation; for instance, electronic billing can reduce paper invoices, mailing costs, and even certain bank deposit fees.


Secura ERP Modules

ERP Purchase ModuleList of Vendor
Purchase Order
Bill Passing
Monthly Procurement Planning
Dash Board
Vendor Analysis
ERP Production ModuleBatch Planning
Production Slip
Production Stage
WIP Reports
Dash Board
ERP Marketing ModuleCustomers List
Quotation Creation
Enquiry Generation
Enquiry Followup
Quotation History
Analysis Report
Dash Board
ERP Inventory ModuleMRR Creation
Quality Control
Issue Slip
Goods Return
Store Dash Board
Item Ledger
Stock Statement
ERP Sales ModuleSales Order
Sales Schedule
Daily Dispatch
Sales Rejection
DRN list
Commission Voucher
Dash Board
Service Module
ERP Service ModuleService Enquiry
Service Report
Service Estimation
Service Charges
Repair Receipt
Customer Feedback
Analysis Report
HR Module
ERP HR Module Employee Info
Salary Structure
Leave Status
Monthly Scheme
Pay Slip
Attendance Record
Tax Calculation
ERP Finance ModuleAccount Creation
Voucher Creation
Age Analysis
Profit & Loss Account
Trial Balance
Balance Sheet
CRM Module
ERP CRM ModuleDaily Activity
Enquiry Generation
Quotation Generation
Executive Performance
Order forecasting
Target Analysis
Dash Board


Secura ERP helps to -

          1. Reduce labour and material costs through implementation of lean strategies and efficient production management
          2. Take control of planning, sales, quality, materials management, and lean initiatives
          3. Easily manage scheduling, track jobs, and integrate accounting functions
          4. Manage requirements for multiple sites / warehouse.

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