Institute Management ERP Software Mumbai, Institute ERP Software Mumbai

ERP Solution for Educational Institutes
Our Education ERP has been designed to cover the in depth functionalities of any Educational Institute/ University/ Group of Institutions, from the perspective of various users carrying different roles and responsibilities such as Students, Teachers, Staff, Principal, Management, Parents, Alumni etc. All the data is managed in a time sensitive manner along with the rules and policies applicable at that time, so whenever required, the exact information can be re-produced as it is.

The strength of our Education ERP increases many fold with the integration of our other ERP packages like HR, Payroll, Accounts & Inventory, Library etc. However, the entire solution is designed based on a modular approach that gives flexibility to our clients to choose desired modules as per their requirements.
We have developed an integrated solution for complete computerization for educational institutions, build on the most futuristic and highly sophisticated Java” environment, denoted as Abaris – Educational Institutes Management System. The solution has been implemented in many prominent and reputed educational institutions of all levels from multi-branch Nursery Schools, Graded Schools to Colleges of the country.
Since, this an Integrated, user configurable and dynamic software solution, it help institutions to get the wide range detailed and summarized information of Administrative and Academic nature, in different forms required at different level of the Organizational hierarchy and for other interested parties like Students, Parents and other Organizations.

Educational Institute Management System (Abaris-ERP) is best software for schools, Colleges, Institutes, Engineering Colleges, management Colleges, medical Colleges, Nursery with SMS, IVRS, GPRS and web portal.

Modules inside Abaris- ERP:
          1. MIS (Management Information System)
          10. Student Registration
          2. Student Attendance
          11. Student Admission
          3. Library Management
          12. Fee Collection
          4. Result Processing
          13. Time-Table Scheduling
          5. Examination Sitting Plan
          14. Result Analysis
          6. H R Management
          15. Hostel Management
          7. Staff Attendance
          16. Payroll Management
          8. Asset Management
          17. Financial Accounting
          9. Student Activity Management
          18. Resource Management Software

Abaris- ERP U.S.P:

        1. Hundreds of MIS Reports
        2. Platform (Operating System) independent i.e. run on both Windows and Linux
        3. Designed on most upcoming JAVA Technology. Protected with the in-build Disaster Management System
        4. Database connectivity with remote servers for Web Portal
        5. Compatible with the IVR system database
        6. SMS Messaging and Smart Card enable System
        7. Customized Report designing
        8. Configurable as per User’s requirements
        9. Multi-level users security

Why do you need an Education ERP?
Educational Institutes face common challenges such as:
          1. Accessing information from paper files is a difficult task
          2. Improper means of exchanging information between various departments
          3. Lack of interconnection between departments
          4. No quick or easy way to keep the records of students and staff error free and up-to-date
          5. Wastage of hundreds of hours by staff each month manually entering information or performing administrative tasks that could be handled automatically such as evaluation and generating results
          6. Lack of accuracy in maintaining the financial records such as Fees, Salary and Expenses
          7. Lack of automation in calculating Fee balances or to find Fee defaulters
          8. Lack of automation for computing the staff’s salary
          9. Lack of easy means or quick way to access old records
         10. Administrators spend too much time in creating Time-Table and in daily assigning the substitutes for free periods
         11. Lack of means to provide parents and guardians the fast access to student records

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