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No place is too far. No shipment is too big. No schedule is too tight. Move goods and services timely and cost-effectively.

Being the backbone of global supply chains as a logistics service provider, your business thrives on effective information systems that integrate and support complex processes in real-time. Efficient movement of goods across the supply chain at competitive rates needs innovation at two planes – process and technology. With integrated technology solution like Abaris Shipping & Transportation Management Solution, you can gain access to world-class processes, eliminate major infrastructure investment, improve agility in reacting to a dynamic marketplace, share risks with a strategic partner and reduce operating costs. What is more, a flexible and innovative solution that understands your business is sure to enhance customer satisfaction and ensure greater ROI.
logistics management erp
With years of experience in addressing several challenges faced by leading players in the logistics sector across the globe, Abaris is well-positioned to provide technologically-advanced and innovative solutions built on emerging technologies. Abaris’s Shipping & Transportation Management Solution Suite is an end-to-end solution with rich features and best-in-class functionality that enables you to effectively meet shipping requirements, manage multiple processes and reports required for your business activities, and in general keep your business on watch – always. Despite keeping your business running round the clock, the solution also promises the flexibility needed to swiftly adapt to ever-changing market conditions and customer needs.
      1. Freight Forwarding, NVOCCs, Groupage Providers & Liner Agents, Stevedorers
      2. Transportation Companies (FTL , LTL, ODC , Project Cargo, Express Cargo, Courier & Small Parcel)
      3. Container Terminals , Inland Container Depots, Container Freight Stations
      4. Third-party Logistics Providers
      5. Combination with equipment applications like barcode readers, weighing machines & IVR
      6. In-built workflow that facilitates real-time information to all stakeholders through automated Alerts by e-mail and SMS

Improve productivity and profitability using technology

Experience the power of seamless end-to-end integration. Keeps your business running like clockwork.

When the world is your canvas, there is a lot to handle - not just processes but regulatory procedures, formalities, and what not. By deploying Abaris Shipping & Transportation Management Solution, you will not only be able to manage your business with ease but also swiftly respond to evolving corporate imperatives, regulatory changes and market conditions.
      1. Follow job wise estimates and final job closure, get real-time information on various services, carriers, trade lanes and so on
      2. Manage daily and strategic business issues and remain competitive
      3. Increase efficiency in order processing and the movement of goods domestically and across international borders
      4. Ensure optimum utilization of workforce across various activities.

Monitor the movement of cargo across the supply chain

How well your cargo moves signifies how well you move towards success. Make sure everything is on time.

Monitoring cargo movements across multi-modal supply chains is an important element of the freight logistics industry. It consists of a process that determines the current and past locations (and other information) of a unique product or item allowing its progress to be monitored. With Abaris’s solution, you can handle these tasks with ease:
      1. Monitor containers and bookings at various points in the supply chain through events such as empty container released, truck arrival, cargo stuffed, truck arrival at port, container shipped on board, customer billed, job closed etc.
      2. Optimize container inventory based on ageing of empty/ laden containers
      3. Effectively monitor the repositioning of empty containers at locations
      4. Maintain container and cargo history based on operational movements, costs and revenue

Automate and optimize shipping documentation

Proper documentation is essential for the present and future.

Automate the capture and generation of various shipping documents and provide real-time information to multiple business processes.
      1. Ensure prompt generation of shipping documents such as master bills of lading, house bills of lading, consignment waybill, cargo arrival notice, delivery order and so on
      2. Benefit from e-documents (with download and upload facility) for faster transmission of information and data.

Improve and streamline complex billing requirements

Late bills mean late income realization. Keep an eye on every penny.

Every business transaction needs to be tracked, monitored and optimized—because every penny is valuable. With our solution, you can manage the operations and financials across the organization, and plan optimally for maximum growth.
      1. Automatically generate customer invoices along with taxes and surcharges, on confirmation of the bill of lading or airway bill
      2. Streamline your financials across your multi-company and multi-currency enterprises

Gain business insights

Information is power. Deep business insights lead to wise decisions.

Timely information is worth its weight in gold, because it will help you make quick and wise decisions—that will directly affect your business growth. Abaris’s ERP ensures real-time availability of information on your cargo, container, bill of lading and airway bills.
      1. Gain business insights through the use of dashboards, key performance indicators and a balanced scorecard framework
      2. Respond quickly to changes in the business environment
Benefit from a variety of reports such as BL-wise profitability, trade-lane wise profitability, daily bookings, pending jobs for closure, delivery orders pending, invoices pending to be generated, container inventory monitoring based on ageing, and so on

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