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Real Estate ERP Software Dehradun
Abaris Softech Inc. is a Comprehensive, Integrated, Modularized and User-friendly Construction ERP System for the Real Estate and Construction industry. It is a ready to use system, which is useful in quick implementation and thus reducing the lead-time. The implementation is modularized type and the each module can be linked at any time as per customer's requirement. The system will run both at site as well as at head office independently. The head office is linked with the site office through web server/data transfer protocols and thus enables one to know the status of each site, which increases the effectiveness in monitoring and executing of site work. The solution helps infrastructure owners, construction management firms, real estate firms and general contractors automate all of their processes, take complete control of their projects & costs, and generate a variety of analytical reports for the top management including earned value, cost forecast summary and cost comparatives. Components of the solution include automation of Project Cost Estimation, Bidding, Contract Management, Facility Management, Project Execution and monitoring, Financial Accounting, HR including manpower deployment, CRM and Inventory Management including Tools & plants resourcing.

Real Estate as we all know has been the most booming business sector, recording incomparable growth trends over the last few years. Our Real Estate ERP Enterprise Solution system offers a total co-ordination of all the key processes related to the business of Real Estate management today. Right from the Pre-launch to advance bookings to customer support to sites visits to payment schedules to final possessions, to reminders to management of sales staff to media advertising promotion and publicity, there is hardly any aspect of Real Estate management that this enterprise solution leaves to be desired.
Once fully in place, our ERP Solution helps you in managing the entire key components of your real estate business to deliver maximum efficiency resulting in optimum productivity from your real estate business venture.

Abaris Softech Management System (Real Estate Management System)

Master Modules

    1. Company Master
    2. Project Type
    3. Area Master
    4. Currency Master
    5. Payment Plan Master
    6. Location Master
    7. Charge Master
                  Other Charge
                  Other Charge Master
                  Extra Charge (Out of payment schedule)
                  Fire Fighting
                  PLC Master
                  Alteration Master
                  TDS Master
                  Service Tax Master
                  Interest Master
                  Transfer Fee Master
                  Employee Incentive Master
    8. Customer
    9. Create Customer Login
   10. Manage Customer
   11. Create Employee Login
   12. Document Master
   13. Document Dispatch Master
   14. Letter
   15. Letter Master
   16. Letter Detail
   17. Bank Master
   18. Company Bank Master
   19. Receipt Type
   20. Registration Type
   21. Security
   22. Project Photos

Project Module
    1. Scan and add the scanned papers against purchased land details.
    2. Add the payment details against the purchased land (Cash / Cheque)
    3. Add the Expense against the project through the Site Office / Head Office
    4. Add details of the Layout Project such as : Project Name, Location, No. of Plots, Area of Individual plots (Sq. Fts / Sq. Mtrs), Bifurcation of Residential and Commercial Plot, to add the rates plot wise, Direction, Amenities
    5. Facility to add the details of the Construction Project : Project Name, Location, No. of Flats, No. of Shops / Offices, Area of Individual Flats, Shops, Offices, rates Floor Wise, Unit wise
    6. Define installment structure in Project
    7. Add details of the Layout Project such as : Project Name, Location, No. of Plots, Area of Individual plots (Sq. Fts / Sq. Mtrs), Bifurcation of Residential and Commercial Plot, to add the rates plot wise, Direction, Amenities
    8. Add the details of the Construction Project : Project Name, Location, No. of Flats, No. of Shops / Offices, Area of Individual Flats, Shops, Offices, to add the rates Floor Wise, Shop wise / Office wise, to add Amenities
   9. Facility to add Architecture, Contractor etc against a project

Purchase & Stores Module
    1. Get complete purchase history, item and delivery schedules
    2. Maintaining Product wise preferred vendor list
    3. Preparation of Purchase Bill based on GRN
    4. Tracking transfer of stock from company to work site and vice-versa
    5. Updation of stock after receipt of resources
    6. Compilation of available resources from various project sites for procurement analysis. This helps procurement of the right material at the right time and at the right place
    7. Check stock opening balance
    8. Stock transfer - Generate material receipt
    9. Inventory Management
  10. Stock reminders Store Wise / Project Wise

Sales Module
    1. Maintains history of customer enquiries with complete details and its subsequent follow-ups
    2. Booking details of all unit owners are maintained, rate and issue of allotment letter in a project
    3. Define base rate for a project and also, define subsequent incremental floor wise, plot wise (Commercial / Residential / Location) rates.
   4. Define Transfer fee and also, cancellation charges between dates
   5. Setting up of installment structure for a project
   6. Configure other various heads under which payments are receivable, e.g. parking, electric / water meter charges, legal charges, maintenance charges, Development Charges etc.
   7. Facility to Book / Sale Plots , Flats, Offices, Shop from any connected office (User)
   8. Facility to add the details of the clients (as per requirement)
   9. Facility to add the payment schedule (dates) of the client.
  10. Facility to send Dynamic sms for the reminders of the scheduled payment to the respective clients.
  11. Sms / Email will be dynamically send to the clients on their Birthdays / Marriage Anniversary.

Payroll Module
    1. Maintenance of Employee Details with respect to department, designation, status, recruitment agency, payment mode, PF, etc.
    2. Leave Management that involves leave opening balance calculations, and monthly leave calculations
    3. Application, processing and sanction of Loan to employee and their repayment
    4. Payroll generation and management based on every department
    5. Statement creation for pay slip, provident fund, professional tax, ESIC, income tax, housing loan, salary, challan, etc.
    6. Voucher creation and management

Accounts Module
    1. Maintains financial year wise transaction details
    2. Helps in generation of different types of vouchers such as Credit, Internal Transfer, Journal and Petty cash etc.
    3. Calculations of TDS, VAT and other taxes possible before releasing payments
    4. Maintenance of all payment details made to external parties under various accounting heads 
    5. Bank reconciliation and Cheque return status maintained
    6. Facility to generate ledger, Journal, Day Book, Cash Book, Bank Book, Voucher, Trial Balance


      1. Project Report
      2. Enquiries handled between different dates
      3. Vendor Detail List
      4. Indent details report
      5. Enquiry generation
      6. Quotations 
      7. Purchase Order
      8. Store Receipt Note
      9. Purchase Invoice
    10. Payment authentication, budget allocations etc.
    11. Stock Report (Updated Stock, Stock as on date, Periodic Stock)
    12. Unit Occupation Report
    13. Client Feedback / Follow-up Report
    14. Complete Transaction details
    15. Booked Units, Cancelled Units, Merged Units (with reasons, if any)
    16. Daily Progress Reports etc.
    17. Attendance Report
    18. Leave Balance as well as details
    19. Vouchers 
    20. Salary Structure
    21. Stores inventory report
    22. Customer outstanding
    23. Balance Sheet
    24. Trial Balance
    25. Profit and Loss Account
    26. Account Books like day cash, bank transactions etc.
    27. General Ledger and multiple ledgers
    28. Stock Report
    29. O/S Report
    30. Payable / Receivable
    31. MIS Reports
And Customized Reports According to client’s Requirement.

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