Manufacturing and Distributors ERP Solution New Delhi - India

Integrated ERP for Distributors

Integrating your Suppliers, Clients and Internal Users,
Through a web based distribution system

Procurement Management Inventory Management Sales and Distribution
Purchase Inventory Performance Management
   Item Master    Multi Ware House    Customer Master
   Supplier Master    Multi Stock Types    Sales Person
   Indents    Multi SKU    Price List
   Contracts     Stock Ledger    Sales Order
   Purchase Orders     Stock Valuation    Credit Clearance
   Goods Receipts Note    Physical Stock    Invoiceing / Branch Transfer
   Incoming Quality Control    Stock Reconciliation    Delivery Note
   Purchase Return    Aging Report    Sales Return

HRMS Service Center Secondary Sales / POS
   Performance Management    Within Warranty Repair    Dealer Customer Master
   Employee Development    Out of Warranty Repair    Tertiary Sales
   Time and Labour    Spare Parts Management    Tertiary Sales Return
   Payroll    Monitor Repair TAT    Secondary / POS Stock
   Employee Self Service    IMEI Number Tracking    Update Market Stock
   Employee Portal
   Purchase Return

Financial Accounting
   * Purchase Bill Booking    * Budgets    * Sales Invoice Booking
   * Debit Note    * Cost Centers    * Debit Note
   * Credit Note    * Profit and Loss    * Credit Note
   * C' FormTracking    * Balance Sheet    * C' & 'F' Form Tracking
   * Aging & Overdue Reports
   * Aging & Overdue Reports

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