Institute ERP Software India, Institute Software Development Haryana

ABARIS Softech Inc. is well known IT Solutions Company specialized in providing Campus Automation Management Software to Campus, Colleges and University. With a track record of 100 plus successful installations both domestically and internationally ABARIS is now poised to reach new heights of success in its chosen field of expertise.

ABARIS Softech Inc. was born in early 2007 with an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and floated as an IT solutions company specialized in its core area of expertise namely Campus Automation Management Software “ABARIS INSTITUTE ERP 6.0”. In due course, this Campus Management Software is used for managing complete administrative activities of the institutions.
Institute ERP Software India, Institute Software Development Haryana
Streamlining the business complexities and other business processes are probably the most credible things that this management software does offer to the users.

In addition to the Campus Management or Administration Software, some highly advanced Campus ERP Software and College ERP software is also available in the market that offers a number of utilities to the administrators. This campus administration software delivers a number of utilities an institution looks for.

        1. Education product well established in market, 6+ years.
        2. Presence in Domestic & International Market 
        3. Low Cost of Production and Cost of Maintenance
        4. Advantage of being in Open source with complete browser based product.
        5. Clients: 110+ Clients in Education and 350+ in Other industries.
        6. Company’s main focus is Education Industry.

ABARIS INSTITUTE ERP 6.0' is a unique and comprehensive Education ERP with an online website of the Education Institute and an intranet (campus) version in the campus. It is an interactive platform for all entities viz. Students, Teachers, Management, Parents, Alumni, Guests, and Experts of an educational institution. It is a simple yet powerful one point integrated platform that connects all the departments of an institution namely office, fee counter, library, hostel, stores, academics, activity centre and so on.

ABARIS INSTITUTE ERP 6.0 addresses Management Information System (MIS), Interaction, Knowledge Management and communication issues both in the offline (in campus) and on net. The campus version of ABARIS INSTITUTE ERP 6.0 is again a browser based application and thus it is highly acceptable among the users and very easy to deploy and manage.   It is the only application that gives two way synchronization of data with online and offline versions.  This way whatever you do in Education Institutes available on your website secure and personalized and the same is applicable vise-versa. This is an ERP solution for Education Institute that can be integrated with smart cards, bio-metrics and bar codes as per the campus requirement.


In a nut shell:

1.   There will be a central interactive website / intranet VPN site with the decided features.
2.   Every center is expected to have a Local Area Network setup.
3.   There will be a Windows based campus server at each center that will have the application as well as the data.
4.   The intranet campus application will also be a browser based application being served from the local server.  Just as good as an offline website.
5.   There will be no installation required on any node.
6.   Synchronization software can be installed on any machine in the intranet that connects to internet.
7. The synchronization system will facilitate the centers to upload and download the data in incremental fashion (Only the changes get synched) once in a day or as per the policy.
8.   The client application will connect to the central server through a username and password allotted by the head office.
9.   The data will be encrypted before synchronization for security.
10.The advance compression technology will make us use the bandwidth at its best.
11.The campus application will be based on .NET, AJAX, and MS SQL Server 2008.

Key Benefits:

1.   Facilitates fast and centralized data entry. 
2.   Offline availability of data will make the system faster.
3.   There is very less dependency on internet connection.  It will be only required for updates.
4.   Since the same application will cover daily routine work there will be no redundancy of data entry. 
5.   The browser based application can be extended to any number of PCs in the intranet without any hassles.
6.  The browser based application is very easy to use and practically involves every single constituent of the system.
7.   We can expect direct working and full independence of management people in using the system.   
8.   The Windows based server is fully virus proof so crucial data is always intact and there are very low maintenance issues.
9.  The database is never in direct access to the general user so is very safe from accidental and deliberate loss of data.
10.There is no cost of multi installations as it’s a centralized application on cloud servers.
11.We save high cost per center for data base system by using MS SQL Server based application.
12.The size of the updates is very low so it makes it easies to upgrade after implementation. 

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