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Clinical Consulting
Experience counts in planning & designing clinical environments. Abaris Softech Hospital Solutions with health care facilities to improve overall financial & operational efficiency of clinical departments while enhancing
The quality of patient care we realize that no two health care organizations are alike. Each has a unique set of challenges & opportunities. We understand & that complex issues in health care today require integrated solutions.
Hospital ERP Software IndiaBy partnering efficiency studies with architectural projects, this allows us to ensure the clinical areas are studied to truly understand their shortfalls & their needs before the planning process begins.
Together, we identify the barriers that constrain your capacity through a detailed
Analysis of internal processes & patient flow patterns, identify unique issues
Relating to the selected department & we work closely with you & your staff
To develop a thorough understanding of yours facilities needs

Hospital Inventory 

The medical equipment inventory provided by strategic hospital resources is designed to provide the client with an itemized list of equipment, it's condition, product information, and technical specification in an excel format.
The physical count is taken by clinical staff members of our team who are familiar  
With the equipment and it's function being able to recognize quickly and accurately
The condition of the equipment the accessories, and it's useable life
The inventory will be counted and described quickly and accurately with a minimum of interference to patients or staff

The final report provides line by line descriptions, with extensions of all items. (Example Attached) the items are reported in room by room format by Department and are shown exactly as they appear in the room. There are various dollar value listing and sectional breakdowns available to the client, for example replacement value on equipment past it's useful life or safety.
She agrees to perform the services described in this document. Such defined services shall be referred to as " The Services" and are considered as a part of this contract.

Services in addition to those described in this document and services which result  from a change in the scope of the project shall be referred to as "Additional services" and performed on the basis agreed in writing between SHR and the Client.

       1. Master Patient Index 
       2. Registration
       3. Appointments & Resource Scheduling
       4. Admissions, Discharges & Transfers 
       5. E-prescribing
       6. CPOE
       7. Oncology 
       8. Electronic Health Records
       9. Point of Care
       1. Outpatient Pharmacy
       2. Inpatient Pharmacy
       3. Oncology Pharmacy
       4. Laboratory
       1. Patient Billing
       2. Contract Management
       3. Invoicing and e-Claims  
       4. Account Receivable 
       1. General Ledger
       2. Accounts Payable
       3. Accounts Receivable
       4. Cash Management
       1. Purchasing
       2. Life Cycle Management
       3. Logistics & Location Management
       4. Maintenance
       1. Planning & Purchasing
       2. Inventory
       3. Logistics
       4. Sub-stores
       1. Integration Solution & Services
       2. Industry Standards Compliance Services Business Office

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