Facility Management ERP software for hospitality management, hotel and Restaurant Management

Abaris ERP on Cloud for Facility Management Services Industry – Broaden the Customer's Smile
Make sure everything is perfect for you and your customers. Boost profitability.
Facility Management is what makes customers say, “Wow, everything is perfect!” A great mall with stinking toilets or faulty elevators will not be liked by showrooms or shoppers. The same logic applies to hospitals, offices, or any commercial establishment. All of which makes your services indispensable! Whether you are into hospitality & housekeeping, guarding & security or maintenance & engineering services, you actually put the smile back on customers’ faces. However, this is no easy task. You need to manage major roadblocks like attrition, disconnect between operations and payroll, service continuity, on-time and accurate billing, compliance, etc., which hamper your day-to-day operations and strategic growth. Allow Abaris to transform your business process, to accelerate your success.

With Abaris’s Facility Management Solution, you can:
Facility Management ERP software
  • Change the way you operate the business and organize your business in a much better way
  • Ensure automatic integration between operations and back-office departments
  • Bring huge improvement in operational efficiency
  • Make sure decision-makers have correct and up-to-date information at the click of a button
  • Provide perfect service to meet customer requirements
  • Issue correct and timely bills, to boost profitability
  • Delight customers!

We cater to different segments in this industry, namely:
  • Hospitality/ Housekeeping Services – Hospitality/ Housekeeping Service Providers can manage all aspects of their business including lead management, sales, operations scheduling and billing, to contract termination. They can benefit from special features such as zone-based deployment to sites, and Rostering to improve employee-wise plans.
  • Security/Guarding Services – Security and Guarding Service Providers can use Abaris ERP on Cloud to mount hurdles specific to their industry, often characterized by unorganized departments spanning multiple sites & customers, and complex processes. Apart from a complete view and integrated management of their business, they can also improve resource deployment and timely billing.
  • Maintenance & Engineering Services – Maintenance and Engineering Service Providers can benefit from the end-to-end process management capabilities of Abaris ERP on Cloud to improve service to customers, maximize resource utilization, reduce downtime disruptions, and issue prompt and accurate bills.

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