ERP Software Solution for Staffing Service Providers Mumbai

Abaris ERP on Cloud for Staffing Service Providers – Nothing Short of the Best Fit
Match the right person with the right job – always. Ensure low costs, best service and constant growth.
Hiring the right person for the right job is a costly and risky task. While the process itself can be expensive, a wrong recruit can cost more than just money — the company’s reputation is at stake. While on one end you are challenged with the need to hire the best, always, on the other end you are confronted with the challenge of revenue growth, bringing into focus the need to reduce back-office costs continually, and streamline business processes through automation and front- to back-office integration. Given their proven expertise in implementing and supporting global implementations – be it compliance with global accounting requirements or managing global payrolls, ERP system integrators are very strongly placed to help staffing companies reduce their back-office costs both on the pay-side and the bill-side, thereby improving their bottom-line revenue.
Abaris’s ERP on Cloud for Staffing Service Providers offers you end-to-end recruiting functions that enable you to quickly find the right talent and build long-term relationships with current and potential employees at far lesser costs. It helps in gaining operational insights to manage day-to-day operations, improve back-office efficiencies, and ensure customer goodwill and organizational growth—forever.

Maximum value for all stakeholders
Make your business completely profitable. Keep all stakeholders smiling.
All stakeholders – be it customers, staff or recruiters, should see some value in the process in which they are involved. By deploying Abaris’s ERP Staffing Solution, you can boost the strategic value for all stakeholders, as the solution automatically overcomes supply shortages and helps increase the loyalty of applicants and associates tremendously.

        1. Improve customer retention
        2. Help your staff do their best
        3. Increase recruiter productivity.

Smooth recruitment process flow
Optimize the recruitment process. Overcome short supplies.
With Abaris’s solution at work, you can create a databank of suitable candidates that can be searched, filtered, updated, modified and used as and when required. This makes the recruitment process as easy as never before.

        1. Plan and execute the recruitment process in a streamlined manner
        2. Reduce recruitment costs, and at the same time, acquire the best talent
        3. Optimize internal and external talent supply.

Error-free and timely billing
Streamline the whole billing process. Handle complex billing requirements easily.
Every business transaction needs to be tracked, monitored and optimized—because every penny is valuable. With our solution, you can manage the operations and financials across the organization, and plan optimally for maximum growth.

        1. Deliver flexible, accurate and paperless payroll and on-time billing
        2. Choose between resource-based and timesheet-based billing
        3. Streamline your financials across your multi-company and multi-currency enterprises.

Valuable business insights
Make quick and wise decisions. Be agile. Have current info at your fingertips.
Timely information is worth its weight in gold, because it will help you make quick and wise decisions—that will directly affect your business growth. Abaris’s ERP on Cloud ensures real-time availability of information on all aspects of your business, including resource utilization, availability and tracking.

        1. Gain business insights through the use of dashboards, key performance indicators and a balanced scorecard framework
        2. Respond quickly to changes in the business environment through the use of technology tools like the iPad and other mobile devices
        3. Benefit from a variety of profitability and statutory reports.

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