ERP Software Solution for Business Consulting Service Providers & HR Planing

Abaris ERP on Cloud for Business Consulting Service Providers - Be the Best
Hire and retain the best consultants. Engage with clients profitably.
As a provider of business consulting services, your reputation depends on the superior quality of services offered by your business consultants. Right from the recruitment of high-class professionals to resource engagement and retention, every step is critical to the growth of your organization.
Abaris’s Professional Services Solution is a best-fit for the consulting industry’s needs. Its tightly-integrated engagement management, along with comprehensive resource management and flexible billing engine, empower you to perfect your planning, staffing and billing processes, based on a complete view of resources, capacity, time and attendance.

Engage profitably with clients
Keep track of opportunities. Measure project profitability. Grab deals.
Engagement with clients is an important part of business consulting, and every iota of information can be valuable in this process. Even a small loss of information could mean losing a deal. That said, typically a lot of vital information is lost during handshakes between the departments. Welcome Abaris into your organization. The integrated solution encompasses pipeline, sales, current projects, payment history, and engagement-wise profitability. Moreover, it also offers end-to-end customer relationship management with dashboards and on-the-go monitoring across the corporate ladder for various portfolios.
        1. Have a grip on opportunities and pipeline tracking
        2. Make accurate cost estimates based on controlled parameters
        3. Setup alerts based on project profitability.

Maximize returns from resources
Give the best to your professionals. They will give you their best in turn.
Resources play a pivotal role in any client’s engagement. You need to keep them happy, well-trained and on their toes. You can increase the utilization of available resources with Abaris ERP on Cloud. The solution’s resource management functionality is complete, covering everything from recruitment to retirement.
        1. Attract, retain and motivate the right resources, based on the performance index
        2. Have visibility on resource availability based on the skills, positions, engagement experience, etc.

Ensure effective engagements
Manage milestones and other parameters. Attain efficient delivery of engagements.
With Abaris’s solution, you can ensure efficient delivery of engagements, with comprehensive engagement management functionality that includes contracts/SOW, budget preparation, cost tracking, resource visibility, billing and payroll.
        1. Effectively monitor and manage milestones, WBS and their corresponding deliverables
        2. Have total control on cost and timeline overrun.

Improve engagement cash flow and profitability
Make sure every engagement is fruitful. Keep customers and balance sheet smiling.
Tracking various types of expenses like travel, re-imbursements etc., for all levels of engagements, is no longer troublesome. With Abaris’s ERP on Cloud, you can manage all this with ease, while at the same time avoiding problems such as duplication of efforts by billing and payroll departments. You can perform flexible billing with customizable billing templates based on the customer’s format, not to forget the benefits of the robust payroll engine with effective salary allocation mechanisms.
        1. Ensure timely and accurate invoicing based on timesheet consolidation
        2. Track profitability with a range of cost elements (including salary) for each engagement and on different dimensions like line of business/ department/ role etc.

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