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Empower your workforce to succeed by optimizing your ERP HCM processes with Abaris HCM ERP

Give your employees every opportunity to achieve their career goals – and your business objectives – by leveraging our Abaris HCM ERP software to automate, streamline, and extend your ERP HCM processes.
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        1. Automate employee administration, time management, payroll, and legal reporting processes        
         2. Support compliance with changing global and local HR regulations
        3. Understand, evaluate, and measure your workforce's contributions to the bottom line
        4. Attract and hire the right people – and make new hires productive quickly
        5. Pinpoint where your talent lies and train and cultivate your workforce
        6. Align employee goals with your overall business objectives

It has modules like:
        1. Personnel Management
        2. Training & Development
        3. Compensation Management
        4. Recruitment & Manpower Planning
        5. Performance Management
        6. 360 Feedback
        7. Employee Engagement Survey
        8. Leave Management
        9. Minimum User Entry.
        10. Attendance Monitoring
        11. Payroll & Taxation
        12. Travel & Expense Management
        13. Intranet Based & IP based security with User Audits
        14. Recruitment Administration
        15. Talent Score Card
        16. Training Administration   
and many more.
It has several features like:
        1. Designed for Windows/Web.
        2. Employment Details
        3. Has a 3 tier architecture
        4. Compatible with ERP Solutions
        5. SOX compliant
        6. Compatible with Accounting S/w
        7. Compatible with any device
        8. Multi User / User Level Access.
        9. Minimum User Entry.
        10. User define Allowances, Deduction
        11. Full & Final Settlement.
        12. Loan details.
        13. Leave Details.
        14. Salary Slip, Salary Register etc.
        15. ESI Statement, ESI Return etc.
        16. Arrear Slip, Arrear Register etc.
 and many more.
We have a team of dedicated, qualified and experienced staff, with latest Software and Hardware Technologies, to fulfill our commitments to the clients. We also undertake Web Designing and Development Job at very competitive rate, and deliver assignment in time.
Multiple Reports, Utilities, Control Panel on read, write, delete, print etc. 

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